Gibson Gardens (£3.5M)

The Gibson Gardens project consisted of the construction of 23 affordable housing units for Hebridean Housing Parternship at a total project cost of £3.5million. The Architect for gibson 2the project was Anderson Associates and the Quanity Surveyor was The Rennie Partnership. Maciver Consultancy Services Ltd provided Civil and Structural Engineering Services. The construction work was completed by Lewis Builders.

The structural engineering aspect of the project involved the design of the timber frame on behalf of Scotframe. The design included a four storey circular tower and Maciver Consultancy Services liaised with TRADA during the design stage of this unique structure. The civil engineering element of the project included designing the surface water and foul sewer for connection into the existing Stornoway combined sewer system and obtaining Road Construction Consent for the new cul-de-sac.